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Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test™ (UNIT™)

Purpose: An equitable assessment of general intelligence, measured nonverbally

Ages: 5-0 to 17-11 years

Administration Time: 10-15 minutes for the Abbreviated Battery; 30 minutes for the Standard Battery; and 45 minutes for the Extended Battery

Scores: SS, PR, and Confidence Intervals for all Quotients; Scaled Scores and Test Age Equivalents for all subtests


  • Entirely nonverbal stimulus
  • Three testing options including: Abbreviated, Standard and Extended batteries
  • May be used with exceptional students including: mentally retarded, learning disabled, and gifted
  • Fair measure for deaf and hearing-impaired students
  • Designed to reduce situational sources of test bias
  • Uses multiple response modes including: manipulatives, paper and pencil, and pointing
  • Flexible and time efficient