purpose :

  Assess the skills, behaviors and cognitive of children with Autism spectrum disorder- and Identify children with autism spectrum disorder using DSM-5 diagnostic criteria


Age range:

2-13 years



Scoring online only


from 45 - 120 minutes

Scoring: time 

 minutes 5

Qualification level



$5Per report


AAS are set of scales that are used individually to assess the children with suspected autism spectrum disorder. These scales help in setting the therapeutic plan and analyzing how much progress is achieved. The scales meet all the diagnostic requirements that are included in DSM-5.

Test components

 The scale consists of 7 subtests: Autism rating scale according to DSM-5: it consists of two main domains social interaction and communication domain and repetitive and restricted behaviors domain. This scale is prepared according to the diagnosis criteria of autism spectrum disorder included in DSM 5. Nonverbal IQ test: it measures the visual imagery and the ability to solve depicted and spatial problems. Verbal IQ test: it measures the examinee s ability to recall the important information provided in printed or uttered words and sentences.  Language assessment test: it measures the autistic speech characteristics of children with ASD.  Social Interaction assessment test: it measures how much the child interacts in social situations.  Educational assessment test: it measures the receptive and expressive language and speech imitation. It also helps in placing the children within the appropriate functional domains in the program.  Learning test: it measures the childs learning rate and his ability to perform in the therapeutic programs.  Correction: there is a correction program installed on the computer through which we can get English and Arabic reports.   The test can be applied on other mental disabilities excluding the autism rating scale only.

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