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Personality Traits Test Test Description:

It is a standardized test that is highly valid and reliable- and it could be administered to individuals at age of 13 years up to 70 years. This test provides information about the basic domains of personality and could be individually or group administered. Test Domains: • Emotional stability vs Neuroticism • Extraversion vs Introversion • Openness to experience vs. resistance to new experience. • Adaptation vs Maladaptation • Conscientiousness vs. Impulsiveness-undirectedness Under each domain there are 6 facets: Test Advantages: • Helps companies choose the most qualified applicants for the job. • Helps set development programs to employees. • Helps in choosing a life partner. • Helps in understanding marital disputes. • Helps in evaluating the commitment of clients in psychotherapy sessions. • Helps in determining the appropriate psychotherapy methods for the client. • Is useful for psychotherapy through formulating a practical treatment plan and predicting consequences that might occur during the treatment process. It also helps in placement of cases. • Individuals results could be compared with results of other adolescents or adults in order to give an accurate description of his personality. • The test provides an idea about what distinguishes an individual concerning his way of thought- feelings- and how he interacts with others. • Scores of the client in the personality inventory are connected with Hollands Six Career Types (Enterprising- Artistic- Conventional- Investigative- Social- and Realistic.) • Through this test an individual could have personality styles (traits) such as happiness style-learning style- or control management style. • Helps in understanding and predicting the clients experience through presenting a true image about his feelings and needs. • Determines the most eligible individuals who can hold influential positions in the political life. • Helps you know how others see you. Test Language: This test is available in Arabic and English. An Arabic and English report would be for each case whether the test administration was in either language. Administration Instructions: This test includes 248 items that take about 40 minutes to be administrated. Consider each item carefully and check the answer that expresses your acceptance or refusal. Fill in (strongly disagree) if the item is definitely false or if you strongly disagree. Fill in (disagree) if the item is mostly false or if you disagree. Fill in (neutral) if the item is about equally true or false- or if you cannot decide. Fill in (agree) if the item is mostly true or if you agree. Fill in (strongly agree) if the item is definitely true or if you strongly agree. Please answer all the items and kindly be informed that there are no right or wrong answers. There is no need to be professional to answer this questionnaire. Just describe yourself honestly and accurately. If you answered wrongly or changed your mind- dont erase your answer but put (×) on the wrong answer and put () on the right answer.

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