Welcome to the CPEIM Assessment System

This system comprises five tests that you must complete one after the other. The total application time is approximately three hours. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure you are well-prepared and can perform your best.



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Complete All Tests:

You are required to take all five tests in sequence. Skipping tests or changing the order is not permitted.

Breaks Between Tests:

Take a short break between each test. This will help you relax and prepare for the next test. Use this time to stretch, walk around, and hydrate.

Prepare for the Next Test:

After each break, get ready for the next test by calming your mind and focusing on the task ahead. Remember, this system requires concentration.

Total Time:

The entire assessment process will take around three hours. Plan your schedule accordingly to ensure you have ample time to complete all tests without interruptions.


Choose a quiet and comfortable environment free from distractions to take your tests. Ensure your internet connection is stable.

Technical Issues:

If you encounter any technical issues during the tests, contact support immediately for assistance.

After completing the tests, you will have a comprehensive report for all the tests, and you will find the detailed report in your profile at the following link: https://arabtesting.com/usertestsreports

Information about the CPEIM system

What is the CPEIM system

The CPEIM system is a comprehensive online evaluation tool designed to guide students and graduates in selecting appropriate career paths and educational specializations. This system integrates multiple dimensions of a student's abilities and preferences, utilizing a variety of psychological and cognitive tests to provide a holistic view of potential career and academic directions



Main Domains:

  • (CIT):

    Identifies roles that match the student's interests, helping to navigate toward careers that are likely to be fulfilling and enjoyable.

  • (PT):

    Utilizes the Big Five personality framework to analyze fundamental personality traits, providing insights into how these traits could influence career choices and work environments that might be most conducive to success.

  • (ECT):

    Measures emotional intelligence, including the ability to recognize, understand, and manage one's own emotions and the emotions of others, which is crucial for career success in all fields.

  • (IQ):

    Assesses cognitive abilities, offering a snapshot of a student's intellectual strengths. This information is valuable for determining suitable academic and career paths that require specific cognitive skills.

  • (MIT):

    Evaluates a range of intelligences beyond traditional IQ, such as linguistic, logical-mathematical, and interpersonal intelligences, providing a broader understanding of a student's unique talents.

System Uses:

Our CPEIM system is meticulously designed to guide students aged 14 and above towards understanding their unique strengths and aligning them with suitable career paths


Career Assessment




Choosing the right career doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. The CPEIM system provides a scientifically backed, comprehensive approach to career selection that considers all aspects of an individual's personality and capabilities. By integrating these tests, CPEIM not only aids in choosing the most suitable career path but also supports personal development, making students well-rounded candidates for their future endeavors.

Utility of the CPEIM System in Career Selection

The CPEIM system is highly useful in career planning due to its comprehensive and multifaceted approach. Here’s how it assists students in choosing the right career path:

  • Personalized Insights
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Development of Soft Skills
  • Broad Career Exploration
  • Strategic Educational Planning

By combining results from various tests, the system offers personalized insights that align with each student's unique profile of interests, personality, emotional skills, and intellectual capabilities.

It helps students make informed decisions by highlighting careers and educational paths that fit their strengths and preferences. This targeted approach reduces the risk of career dissatisfaction and mismatch.

Understanding emotional competencies and personality traits helps students identify areas for personal growth, enhancing their readiness for the workplace.

Encourages students to explore a wide range of career options, including those they might not have considered based on traditional IQ tests alone.

The intelligence and multiple intelligences tests help in planning educational pathways that are tailored to maximize the student's learning potential and future career success.